Announcing the launch of InterPIP App - the Official Pressure Injury Prevention App developed with NPIAP, PPPIA, and EPUAP

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Measuring Senses for Data-Driven Health
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We are using devices, data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a future where sensory data can help prevent, cure, rehabilitate and strengthen people worldwide.

The problem we are solving

Our senses communicate vital information about our health. Currently there is no data-driven way to measure or track many senses such as pressure, touch, strength, and range of motion. We are changing that.

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Our solution

Sensorydata Corp is building a platform to capture data from vital senses. By using the latest in textile and measurement technologies, we convert intangible and subjectively measured sensory data into tangible data, apply AI and ML, then utilize it to better people's lives, beginning with health care. We are innovating in IoT, textiles, sensors and wearables to identify and integrate the latest technologies into our platform and bring them to market.